Academic Enrichment – Includes all agenda items related to academic supports and enrichment strategies, such as student tutoring, extracurriculars, and extended learning time.

Academic Policy
– Includes agenda items related to academic policy including academic standards, curriculum, instructional materials, and graduation requirements.

Accountability – Includes all agenda items related to public reporting such as A-F school grading and other formal and informal measurements of student and school success. Teacher evaluation comprises a separate category.

– Includes all agenda items specific to state accreditation of preK-12 schools. Accreditation of charter schools is recorded separately under “Charters and Choice.”

Administration – Includes all items related to school, district, and state education administration such as administrative structure planning; professional learning, preparation, certification, and licensure; state superintendent searches; and policies for principals.

Alternative Education – Includes all items addressing education in nontraditional settings including homeschool, GEDs, digital education, adult education, and education at justice facilities.

Assessment – Includes all items related to assessment design, development, implementation, and reporting.

Charters and Choice – Includes all items related to charter schools, magnet schools, and public school choice. Excludes enrollment decision appeals.

College and Career – Includes all items related to college and career readiness and pathways, career and technical education, and college or career guidance.

Contractor – Includes all items related to contracts with external parties.

Civic Readiness – Includes all items related to civic readiness and civic education initiatives.

Civil Rights – Includes all items related to civil rights based on race, sex, and disability as addressed in Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Data – Includes all items focused on student data collection, data keeping, data use, and data privacy.

Discipline (and Climate) – Includes all items related to school climate and school discipline policies or initiatives. A sampling of subjects includes suspension, expulsion, repeated tardiness or absence, student violence, zero tolerance, and school resource officers.

Early Learning – Includes all items related to early learning and childcare programs for newborns through grade 3.

English Learners – Includes all items related to English language learners and strategies to serve them.

Ed Tech – Includes all items related to education technology, including standards, grants, studies, and state initiatives.

Equity – Includes all items addressing education of minority or at-risk populations.

Finance – Includes all items related to local or state education financial considerations.

Formal Comment – Includes all formal letters or comments approved or drafted by the board to be delivered to individuals beyond the board, such as the SEA, U.S. Department of Education, community stakeholders, and LEAs.

Higher Education – Includes all items related to postsecondary education except for approval of teacher education programs. This category also excludes postsecondary transitions or pathways from secondary school; those items are included under “College and Career.”

Innovation – Includes waivers for innovative school improvement strategies, such as summer education and extended school days. Reports and presentations on innovation and best practices are also included in this category.

Literacy – Includes all items related to literacy and literacy initiatives.

Other – Includes items that do not fall into other existing categories.

Overview – Includes overview presentations on policy and legislation, and information, updates, or action regarding state strategic plans.

Partnership – Includes meeting items focused on school-community, school-business, school-trade school, school-university, or interdistrict partnerships.

Rural – Includes all meeting items specifically focused on students and schools in rural areas.

Operations and Maintenance – Includes items related to operation and maintenance of school facilities. Construction, transportation, and school property (excluding instructional materials such as textbooks) are found within this category.

Stakeholder Engagement – Includes items related to stakeholder engagement initiatives, through which states work to gain public insight regarding policy issues.

Special and Gifted – Includes all items related to the identification and delivery of services to students who require IEPs or other means of special or gifted and talented education.

State Plan – Includes all items related to ESSA state plans.

Student Support – Includes items related to wrap-around student well-being services and supports, such as nutrition programs, health programs, nurses, counselors, psychologists, and social workers.

Teacher Preparation – Includes all agenda items related to teacher preparation program standards and program approval, certification, and licensure.

Teacher Professional Practice – Includes all agenda items related to teacher recruitment, induction, mentoring, retention, leadership, performance assessment, compensation, work conditions, and professional learning.

Turnaround – Includes all items related to improvement of underperforming schools and turnaround measures. Excludes best practice items; those are included under “Innovation.”