In January and February 2017, 41 state boards of education met and made meeting materials available for State Board Insight […]

A recent review of 28 draft plans for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) found that 20 states plan […]

State legislatures across the country are advancing bills to address and prevent drug addiction and abuse, and a handful of […]

Charter schools are far from uncharted territory for state boards of education. This analysis maps state boards’ consideration of charter school issues and their authority to take key charter actions in their states.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) dominated the meeting agendas of state boards of education across the country in 2016, according to data in NASBE’s new State Board Insight database. In particular, state boards used their public meetings to focus […]

Faced with unimpressive high school graduation rates and dissatisfied with rates of absenteeism and exclusionary discipline in their schools, Georgia education leaders turned for answers to a compelling body of research on school climate. Since implementation of programs aimed at […]

The frequent, consistent call for stakeholder engagement in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is at root a call to advance the interest of students who have been historically underserved. The voices and experiences of families, students, and communities are […]

ESSA requires state education agencies to file their state implementation plans in “timely and meaningful consultation with stakeholders.” This analysis explains how Kansas is getting this right, with lessons for other states.

This series suggests strategies that state boards of education can use to address the challenges and inequities facing some of the most disenfranchised, at-risk student populations in the country.  

This analysis identifies five common challenges in engaging ESSA’s extensive list of stakeholders, and highlights several promising state strategies.